Stock Markets: Apple failed to impress


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Apple CEO Tim Cook next to Apple’s new Vision Pro virtual reality headset, at the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, on June 5, 2023.

Josh Edelson | Afp | Getty Images

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The bottom line

Before the generative artificial intelligence craze swept markets, investors were caught up in two other technology trends: cryptocurrency and the metaverse. But the latter two received tepid — or downright negative — reactions yesterday.

Prior to Apple’s keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conference, anticipation over the company’s yet-to-be-unveiled headset reached such a fever pitch that Apple shares hit an all-time high of $184.95, pushing it close to a $3 trillion market capitalization. Investors were hoping Apple could save the metaverse — the idea of a shared, immersive and virtual space — which has been struggling to attract attention and users.

Yet after the announcement and demonstration of the Vision Pro headset, investors seemed doubtful that even Apple, which has a history of revolutionizing products like the personal computer, smartphone and tablet, seemed up to the task. Apple’s shares lost momentum and ended the day lower. The metaverse, then, remains less a communal gathering space than a black hole into which money disappears.

As for the cryptocurrency industry, investors weren’t so much disappointed by its lack of promise than scared off. After news broke that the SEC is suing Binance, cryptocurrency prices sank Monday, with Bitcoin falling below $26,000. Coinbase, a rival cryptocurrency exchange, was caught in the aftermath too. Its shares tumbled 9.05%.

Major stock indexes fell marginally amid the rocky day for tech. The S&P 500 lost 0.2%, giving up gains that brought it to its highest intraday level in nine months. The Dow Jones Industrial Average slid 0.59%. And even though Apple’s augmented-reality headset promises to make apps three-dimensional, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite was essentially flat, a fitting symbol of how investors felt towards the metaverse.  



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