Escape Academy’s newest DLC arrives in June


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Escape Academy was one of my favorite games from last year. I loved the challenging, escape room-style puzzles that gave my brain a good, hearty scratching, and my only real complaint was that it was over too soon. With no more puzzles to solve, I stepped away from the game. But now, to my delight, Escape Academy is getting its second DLC, Escape From the Past, on June 19th.

I know most folks don’t play puzzle games for the story (the possible exception being the fantastic Professor Layton games), but the premise for Escape From the Past is actually compelling. You’re transported to the Escape Academy sometime in its past to solve puzzles with younger versions of characters from the base game who are still seriously attractive.

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One of my other gripes with the base game was that I didn’t get to spend more time with my professors, so I’m hoping this DLC will correct that. It seems like Escape From the Past won’t solve my biggest issue with the game — its brevity. The DLC contains only five puzzles, and while I’m sure they’ll be as satisfying as they were in the base game, I’ll likely be left wanting more. Fortunately, I haven’t gotten around to Escape Academy’s first DLC, Escape From Anti-Escape Island, so when I play the two together, I’ll get a nice puzzle-solving treat.

Escape From The Past launches June 19th on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.



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