Iran News: An Eye for An Eye; and They Know About It!


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Iran News: An Eye for An Eye; and They Know About It!

40 days into the invasion of Gaza by the terrorist army of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), and still no signs of a meaningful effort by the criminal government of the Zionist Regime to retrieve those settlers still captive in Gaza.

This is the story of the daily life of hundreds of Israeli settlers who have been striving to reclaim the lives of their group members, not from the Resistance in Gaza, but rather the government of their own. The level of frustration is so unexperienced that these settlers decided to march from city to city, on foot, hoping that the censoring machine of the army-founded Israeli mainstream media would eventually decide to stop ignoring them and make them heard by the authorities, to no success of course.

And to kill their hopes even further, Israeli authorities decided to discuss the “revoking of the death penalty for Palestinian prisoners” today, at Israel’s Knesset! The death penalty has been legislated and implemented since long ago.

The bill question, though, aims to pretend that the Israeli establishment is disapproval of this type of punishment, but has to stick with it for its own reasons. Therefore, what Knesset was set to do today was actually informing the public that Israel has decided to use this penalty even more and further legalize the arbitrarily execution of Palestinian prisoners jailed by IOF without even holding a court! The decision was strongly rejected by a new entity within the pseudo-society of Israel which is called “The Headquarters for the Families of Abducted Israelis”.

Yes! It exists. The entity voiced, loudly, it’s opposition against the decision of Knesset to discuss the revoking of the death penalty and said: “the death penalty is a sensitive issue which should be discussed in detail first. Within the experts of the issue, anyway, implementation of this penalty is still legally possible and there’s no need for a judicial reform.

Bringing it up as a matter of discussion, at this point, will only expose the lives of our beloved ones to dangers already present”. Later after the news broke out, videos published from Knesset’s meeting today, where the members of the Headquarters for the Families of Abducted Israelis were also present, begging with tears for revocation of this decision and its postponement to a better time. Things escalated quickly in the meeting and soon people started shouting at each other, condemning people on the other side of the table to treason.

Almog Cohen, a former police officer who currently serves as a far-right politician and a member of the Knesset for Otzma Yehudith party, didn’t tolerate the mumblings of the families and shouted: “it’s okay that you talk, but we have also buried our friends”.

Many commented on his furious reaction, called it a proof to further strengthen the public fear that the government has no plans to bring the Israeli prisoners back to Israel alive. The incidents inside provoked reactions from multiple known and unknown names, especially on social media.

One of the first responders, like always, was the leader of Israeli opposition, Yair Lapid who never misses the slightest chance to trash talk against other Zionists when the opportunity is there.

He called the members of the coalition “shameless” and said “The families of abducted are shouting their pain and the pain of the entire country [Regime]. There are no limits to that. It’s the animosity and shamelessness of the coalition members that allow them to preach to the families about morals. What Almog Cohen did in Knesset today, will live in their memories forever.

He must be ashamed of himself”. Just a couple of hours later, Miki Zohar, a cabinet minister in Netanyahu’s government showed up on X [ex-Twitter] to condemn Knesset’s incidents, respond to Lapid’s remarks, and express his support for Knesset’s main discussion today, all at the same time! “I have always supported the death penalty law” he posted, “but dealing with it while our boys and girls [male and female settlers] are still in hands of the Nazi murderers [!!!] is a serious mistake which hurts their families”.

He continued to set the priorities of the Zionist Regime at the moment and said, “we should concentrate on winning the war and bringing the prisoners back home”. But many commentators were sharp enough to notice the neutral tone of this post and the fact the Zohar failed to mention whether the government is planning to bring the captive settlers back alive or to bring them back without taking the costs into account, dead or alive, as it seems to be what’s happening in the field.

The Israeli government’s refusal to inform the public about the possible scenarios ahead of the Israelis captive in Gaza in the coming days, along with the daily news about Israelis prisoners who are being killed under the bombardment of the IOF every day, combined with the disturbing daily official revelations about how IOF killed its people [Israeli settlers] on October 7, have left the settlers to leave in a symphony of fear and fury for an unforeseeable future.


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